Granja Rinya

All ideas streamlined into a single flow of creativity. Smilt─Ś.


C/ S├Ęquia Reial del X├║quer 35
Albal, Valencia

Granja Rinya awards

he National Country Fair has already released the winners 28 Th Quality Competition Manchego cheese.

They participated in 26 dairies 45 different samples.

In the event our cheese┬á“Carmen” Semicurado┬ágot the┬ágold medal┬áFERCAM in its category,es.

Each of the awards received, It is so special to us as the first, They reward for the┬áeffort, commitment and mime┬áthat make our products. Core values ÔÇőÔÇőfor the whole team that we are┬áGranja Rinya.