Granja Rinya

All ideas streamlined into a single flow of creativity. Smiltė.


C/ Sèquia Reial del Xúquer 35
Albal, Valencia

to Flavour

We know how cheese tastes like

Because Granja Rinya is a three generation’s story, caring about the process, from the field to your table, to obtain a unique product. A cheese made with no hurries, that tastes to tradition, to craft and especially to cheese.

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Our products
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Granja Rinya

Granja Rinya is the leading cheesemaker in the Valencian Region and one of the largest nationwide.

What characterizes our products is flavor, freshness, innovation and tradition.

Spain and has two sources: our own sheep and cows farms and other farms, with whom we establish long-term relationships, both ensuring sustainability and guaranteeing the traceability of freshness with a maximum of 48 hours from milking to milk processing.