Granja Rinya

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C/ Sèquia Reial del Xúquer 35
Albal, Valencia


Our history

We are the result of three generations with livestock origin.

Later we were milkmen and, today, we are one of the most important cheese dairy groups in Spain.

It all started in a small house in the town of Albal. The family had some cows and sold their milk, but when the price of it started to drop, the youngest son proposed to make some fresh cheese.
With his bike, he went to the Central Market of Valencia, where he bought some wooden molds to make the typical cassoleta cheese.
The success was immediate and soon they came from other towns to buy the cheese. Little by little, the demand grew up, production expanded and the media began to become more sophisticated until it became one of the leading companies in the sector.

Our farms

We have more than 400 cows and 4,000 sheep.

Nuestras granjas son de ciclo cerrado. Lo que quiere decir que controlamos todo el proceso.

Cultivamos nuestro propio pasto, de esta manera, nos asegurarnos de que la nutrición de nuestros animales es la mejor, y así obtener la mejor materia prima para nuestros productos.
Velamos por el bienestar animal desde su nacimiento y realizamos el ordeño con las últimas tecnologías para garantizarlo.
Porque somos conscientes de que sólo con la leche más fresca se hacen los mejores quesos; por eso trabajamos día a día, para poder garantizar una frescura excepcional y un sabor único.

Quality is another of our axes.

We have the most important certifications in the sector, such as the BRC or the IFS.

The most
natural origins

Our brands

Only with the freshest milk is how the best cheeses are made, therefore, we guarantee excepcional freshness and a unique flavour.


The brand for our cured cheeses made in Manzanares, Castilla la Mancha.


Cheeses made 100% with sheep’s milk from our farms in a completely artisanal way.

Watch video ‘Vuelve al Sabor’