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  • Social denomination: CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L.
  • registered office: Street Acequia Royal Júcar, 35, 46470 Albal, (Valencia).
  • NIF: B-96485404
  • Business registration data: Registered in the Commercial Register [Valencia], Tomo [122], Folio [General], Section [V-46314], Sheet [2728].
  • Contact information:
  • Email:
  • Offices: Street Acequia Royal Júcar, 35, 46470 Albal, (Valencia).
  • Phone: +34 961 27 49 99
  • Additional information:
    • General Sanitary Inspection of Food Businesses and Foods (RGSEAA) the Generalitat Valenciana: 15.01648/The
    • Cnaei: 1053 Preparation of milk and other dairy products



These Terms of Use govern the access and use of services through the Web site (onwards, Web Site or the Web).

  1. users. Access to and use of this website attributes the condition of USER. Every user accepts, from such use, General Conditions of Use reflected here. The above conditions apply regardless of the General Terms and Conditions in their case be enforceable.

  1. Use the portal. CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L., through its web portal, It provides business information and products produced (onwards, «los contenidos»). Users can contact Formatgeria FARM Rinya, S.L. through the contact details provided on the Web. Once requested such information, They will be informed of the process and the conditions applicable.

III. Obligations. The user agrees not to carry out activities contrary to Spanish law, especially regarding actions constituting offenses under the Penal Code. The user also undertakes to act in accordance with these Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

The user can not be, unless prior written authorization of Formatgeria FARM Rinya, S.L., exploit or use commercially, directly or indirectly, all or part of any content that is part of the Web Site.

  1. prohibited uses. Remains PROHIBITED access or use the service for illegal or unauthorized. Specific, but not limited, It's forbidden:
    • Using the service for illegal purposes, activities or conduct contrary to good faith and public order.
    • Disseminate content or propaganda of racist, xenophobic, illegal-pornographic, apology of terrorism or against human rights
    • Use any of the services provided on the website so that it could damage, overburden, or impair the service.
    • Use or introduce computer programs or materials containing any electronic virus in service, "Trojan horses", worms, malware or other potentially damaging computer file that may cause damage or alterations to systems Formatgeria FARM Rinya, S.L., in the content or the computer system or other users in their mobile terminals.
    • The use of technical resources, software or technology under which someone, user or service, can benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, profiles and content of the Website.
    • Insert the external website user, your external blog, in a forum, in your profile in the service or any other social network, link, hyperlink, framing or similar link that redirects to URL content
    • Decipher, decompile, desensamblar, reverse engineer or attempt to derive the source code or the underlying ideas or algorithms of any part of to the extent permitted by law.
    • Modify, translate or create derivative works from any part of the Website.
    • Copy, rent, rent, distribute or transfer some or all of the rights that the user ostentase under these Terms of Use.
    • Modify, copy, play, descargar, spread, to transmit, commercially exploit or distribute in any way the Services, the pages of the Sites or the computer codes of the elements composing the Services and Sites.
    • Assign the rights or obligations under these Terms of Use, transfer or sublicense the rights that will apply as appropriate Web Site, except with the prior written consent of Formatgeria FARM Rinya, S.L.


  1. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility. CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L. It works to keep updated the content of the web, although not guarantee the absence of errors or failures update it, reserving the right to make at any time and without notice, modify and update the information on its website, configuration or presentation.

CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L. will not assume any responsibility, directly or indirectly by the misuse or unlawful user of the Service, or content hosted on the platform.

CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L. shall not be liable in any case contact details required for billing different products or services the user through the service contract are incorrect, true or not is up to date.

CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L. shall not be liable for any information that has not been made directly by him. Or by the misuse of this information or content

If the user to access or download, directly or indirectly through the Website any third party content, CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L. shall not be liable in any case of possible downloads that the user can perform from third-party sites.

CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L. shall not be liable in any case:

  1. access problems, availability and continuity of service, of the features that make it up when these problems arise from factors outside its sphere of control and activity
  2. the existence of computer programs or materials containing any electronic virus, "Trojan horses", worms, malicious code or other potentially harmful computer file that can produce alterations in the computer system user or the mobile terminal.
  3. damages of any kind that may be caused to the user by the interruption, termination or malfunction of the Service for reasons not attributable to Formatgeria FARM Rinya, S.L.
  4. the damages that, where appropriate, they can cause the user to mark the access and / or use of your account by third parties without authorization.

  1. intellectual property. CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L. by itself or as an assignee or licensee, It owns all intellectual property rights and industrial portal, as well as the elements contained therein (without limitation, icons, sound, audio, video, the software texts; marks the logos, color combinations, structure and design, selecting materials, computer programs necessary for its operation, access and use, etc.). All rights reserved.

Under the provisions of Articles 8 Y 32.1, second paragraph, of Intellectual Property Law, are expressly prohibited the reproduction, distribution and public communication, including any means of making available, of all or part of the contents of this website, For commercial purposes, in any medium and by any technical means, without the express permission of Formatgeria FARM Rinya, S.L.

Users should not remove, change, evade or manipulate any protection device or security system that was installed on the pages of Formatgeria FARM Rinya, S.L.

Consequently, the user undertakes to respect the rights of intellectual property owned by Formatgeria FARM Rinya, S.L.

VII.- links. In case that, in the web, are links or hyperlinks to other Internet sites, CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L. not exercise any control over such sites and content. In any case the owner of the website assume any responsibility for the contents of any link belonging to another website nor guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, amplitude, veracity, validity and constitutionality of any material or information contained in any such links or other Internet sites.

VIII. Failure to comply with conditions. CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L., as owner of the website, will pursue a breach of these conditions, and any misuse of its website, exercising all civil and criminal actions that can by law.

CHEESE FARM RINYA, S.L. it may inform and cooperate promptly with the appropriate law enforcement authorities if detected any violation of the law or if it had suspected crime or misdemeanor, pledging to perform this task with the utmost diligence in accordance with their technical capabilities.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction. These Terms of Use of the Website by the Spanish law governing. The language of drafting and interpretation of this legal notice is Spanish. This legal notice is not filed individually for each user, sino que permanecerá accesible por medio de Internet en este mismo Sitio Web.

Whenever the user is not a consumer or user, and when there is no rule requiring else, the parties agree to submit to the Courts of Valencia capital, as this is the venue of the contract, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply.