Company and History


is the living story of a family business, born of the cattle tradition maintained for generations.

The parents of Enrique and Carmelo Rodríguez ran a dairy in the village of Albal, Valencia, where they sold milk to people and industry. In 1991, facing a crisis in the price of milk, the younger brother decides to produce cheese as a way of defending the family business.

He studies the manner to recover the traditional local cheese, making his first cheeses "Cassoleta", with wooden molds purchased at the Valencia´s Central Market.

His mother, Carmen, starts selling these cheeses at the family dairy with lots of success.




The commitment to revitalize the traditional cheese succeeded, and demand increased rapidly, generating a surplus of cottage cheese with which Granja Rinya started producing cheesecakes.

This increasing demand makes unsustainable continuing in the original dairy, building a new site was required. So, in 1997 they moved to an industrial park in the same town, maintaining the commitment to offer authentic fresh cheese produced using traditional methods.

They were not easy begginings , since the family itself had to produce and distribute the cheese and cakes around the local businesses.

In 1998 production is diversified with new dairy desserts. The line of cheesecakes begins to innovate with new flavors and formats, being pioneers in bringing to market cheesecakes with chocolate chips.

During the following years, production of desserts is increased by the introduction of new production lines, first with egg crème caramels cooked in bain marie and afterwards with custard and yogurt.



The infrastructure that seemed enough to meet the challenges for the future, eleven years later, in 2008, were not sufficient anymore.

It was decided to build a new site for desserts in Catadau, located in "The Valley of Alcalans", in the county of La Ribera Alta.

The main objective of the new investment was to provide the production process with maximum technological innovation component.

This new investment created 200 new stable jobs in the district. With a population of 2.500 neighbors and little industry, the location of Granja Rinya in this area has favored the increase of jobs, and helped to provide stability in an area with essentially temporary employment, linked to the agricultural sector.



The desire to extend the range offered to our customers, took us in 2009 to the construction of a new site for the production of hard cheese in Manzanares,, Ciudad Real (La Mancha), with a production capacity of 40 tons of cheese a week.

In the heart of La Mancha, This site produces traditional hard cheeses, ranging from milks blend to pure "Iberico" cheese.

The aroma and passion aroused in the Castilian plain is reflected in the selected production of Manchego cheese.

These features offer a unique cheese in the world, a cheese with Designation of Origin Manchego. Thanks to the respect for the natural production process from the region of La Mancha, using only Manchego sheep´s milk and with a minimum maturity period of 60 days, these evocative cheeses have been awarded with the stamp of the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin.



Recent investments enable the company to face the challenges of the future and meet demand while combines traditional production with the latest automated technologies.

Today we can see rewarded all this investment effort, having the responsibility to offer consumers a wide range of high quality products.

In a time of unprecedented social and economic crisis . Granja Rinya has grown significantly and sustainably.

Today we are present in most of the country and we export to USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Portugal.